Australian Motoring Festival 2015

Last day we visited the Australian Motoring Festival in the year 2015 and must say it was super awesome! The wonderful event staged  many cars dated back from several decades before to the must ultra modern cars. Check out the Australian Motoring  Show 2015 highlights here and the write up on this events website should give you the idea of how massive it was.

The Auto show was huge success even as the Word Cup fever was on! Almost 25000 people visited the show and many of them took test drives, interacted with the car companies and also felt the “wow” factor at the Ferrari super cars pavilion! We hope such wonderful events keep coming to Melbourne!

If you are an automotive enthusiast or love seeing and doing things in Melbourne, like we did check out this website whats best in Australia regularly writing about things to do in Melbourne for some exciting, thrilling and awesome places to go etc. The website is very unique for the kind of content and stuff to do they publish as its is not canned and I love it for its authenticity in reporting stuff happening around Melbourne. Dont forget to check them out and also the awesome motoring festival!