Checks Before Buying a Used Limo

Service history

This is the most important thing for you to check. It is the best indicator of whether a limo has been taken care of. This is a very important aspect of considering to ensure that you will be able to run a successful and profitable limo hire business in Australia.  It’s almost become like a must have in the list for weddings, engagements and similar limo hire occasions. Depending on how old the vehicle is, you should find sufficient evidence of servicing, MOT, etc. The longer the history the better. If there’s a lack of service records, find out why. Some garages have computerized files. You may still be able to put together the missing history.

tips to buy used cars in australia

Seating capacity

This may seem a little irrelevant or odd since you will obviously want the biggest possible limousine. But the fact is, you need different licenses for different seating capacities depending on the model of the limousine you choose. You obviously wouldn’t want to own a limo without the proper license now would you?


The overall mileage of a limousine will tell you the amount it’s been used and its potential in the future, but there are certain other things which you should consider too.

Make sure the mileage increases steadily and is consistent with service history. The wear and tear on the vehicle should be indicative of the odometer reading too. On the other hand, the state of the seats, gear lever and steering wheel could tell a completely different picture. Make sure everything matches.


Even if you aren’t mechanically gifted, there are a few simple engine checks you could perform:

  • Before you start the engine, check the coolant and oil levels. Oil needs to be consistent and smooth and the coolant should be a dark green color.
  • Check the engine bay and beneath the vehicle for leaks.
  • Turn the ignition on and wait for any warning lights that may come on.
  • Once you start the engine, listen carefully for knocks or strange noises.

Suspension and driveline

To be able to carry additional passengers, the suspension, and driveline of limousines are modified, so it is critical that you focus on it.

  • Check the carrier bearings and drive links for proper lubrication and movement.
  • Check the springs and suspension airbags for leaks. Ensure the compressor works properly.
  • Check the brake pads and shields for wear. There shouldn’t be any evidence of fluid here.


While visible leaks are a clear sign that there’s something wrong driving the limousine will give you a much better idea of the condition and performance of the limo transmission. Are the gear shifts smooth? Do they lock in place immediately? If they don’t then maybe you have a problem. Check the level of the transmission fluid before and after your drive too for consistency.


Make sure all the lights on the interior and exterior of the vehicle are working properly. Faulty lights may be caused by wiring issues or broken bulbs. A wiring issue is far more expensive to repair. The heating, windows, air conditioning, stereo, power seats, and any other electrical systems. And lastly, turn everything on together and see whether there is any trouble.