How to find Cheap car service Deals & Specials

If your car is a new one, you probably wouldn’t be reading this! This quick tip is for second hand or older car owners who have to get their cars service quite frequently compared to new car owners. Often cars that has done more than 100,000 kms need to be serviced more often to ensure good condition and each time you service it’s hard on your pocket! Service every 5000 odd kms should be a good idea but I feel each time I do it, that turns out to be quite a heavy recurring expense.

In such situations, I would recommend to keep your eyes open to find good deals and specials online for your car service. In general, a normal car service with Oil and air filter change (sometimes even aircon regas) would cost you between 150 – 250 AUD. This is why you need to watch out for some awesome deals and specials online.

I’ve been using a personal favourite mechanic for years who actually gives me a good deal or sometimes I keep an eye on deals on online portals like Groupon or Scoopons. The prices are amazing because you might be surprised to know that I recently did a general service for 39 AUD with a coupon online and they weren’t bad at all. Such auto mechanics survive on volume and not price so makes it easy for you to grab a deal.

To summarise, I would highly recommend watching out for great auto car service deals online on portals like these and make use of them rather than waiting till the last minute and being ripped off! Old cars deserve frequent service but on the flip side does not need an expensive one! Good luck and take care of your car, always!

Update: Try to avoid Online / Groupon Deals

The experience I personally had was bad! In addition, a research online on reputed forums like Whirlpool and elsewhere revealed that these coupons are just customer baits and once your service is completed, you will get a huge list of problems to fix! Eventually you never make any savings but have to sacrifice the convenience of travelling to the deal workshop. My advice is to go to few nearest mechanics and also use reference and online reviews as the base of saving money (on a high level) on your car service!