Sell Cars For Cash Melbourne

Sell Cars for Cash has our very own scrapyard. This means that Car Wrecking at Sell Cars for Cash is efficient and cost effective. We are known for Car Removals, Cash for Cars and Scrap Car Removals services in all over Melbourne. We pay top dollar up to $9999 for your accident, damaged, wrecked, used, old, unwanted or scraped cars, vans, Uts, SUVs, trucks and buses no matter the make, model and the condition of the vehicle. Your old car is worth money to us because we are specialists in ‘dismantling and recycling all vehicles parts’. Our Dismantlers know their job and provide a fast, reliable service, where you get the rewards. Whether your vehicle is damaged or completely wrecked, you can contact “Sell Cars for Cash” to get top cash for your vehicle.

Follow us on Facebook: To keep tabs on our activities, follow us on Facebook and witness our commitment to recycling first hand – see vehicles, like yours, come into the yard to be dismantled, their parts recovered and inventoried, and stored awaiting resale. We are ethical and transparent in our activities and want you to know our approach to our business.

Business contact information:

  • Address: 19 Central Avenue, Sunshine Victoria 3020, Australia
  • Phone: 0432 012 232 , 0413 927 850
  • Official Website: