What to look for while buying a used car in Australia

You need to put in a lot of research and care while buying used cars. This becomes even more important when you aren’t an expert. So make sure you follow the below steps and explore your options before choosing one:

RWC and condition

The most important step when buying a car is to check the RWC and condition. The RWC (road worthiness certificate) is the one document which will confirm if a car is fit to drive and how many more years it can be on the road for. But you must also check the condition of the car. Is it in a banged up state? Who wants to buy a bad condition car right?

Year of manufacture and model

It is essential that you thoroughly research about any car before buying it. Prices in the market can vary greatly depending on model and year or manufacture. The internet is the best place for you to conduct this research. You can also get a good idea of the current market price of the car. This will make it easier for you to negotiate on the price and get the best possible deal with minimal effort. You should beware of any cheap cars which are priced much lower than the market. There could be a number of reasons a seller has set such a low price.

tips to buy used cars in australia

Financials / Theft check

Once you have scanned the market from top to bottom, choose a few cars which suit you and move on to this step. Inspect the car yourself and take it for a drive. Test all the accessories in the car to make sure they are working. Apart from checking whether the car is in good working condition, ask the owner to provide you with a proof of ownership. That’s not all, run a theft check to make sure the car isn’t stolen either. You wouldn’t want to be buying a stolen car, would you?

Quick mechanic advice

If the car checks all the boxes so far, the last thing you need to do is visit a mechanic and let them take a look at the car. They will know what to look for. They have knowledge and expertise you don’t. You can ask them to make a list of all the parts and accessories which aren’t working properly or are in need or replacement. This list will come in handy when you’re negotiating the price with the seller. If there are too many problems though, you should just look for another car. Just because you’re buying a used car doesn’t mean you would be willing to take on a rust bucket with a million problems. A good mechanic can help prevent you from making this mistake.