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Motor Mega Site is one of Australia’s most popular Automotive business listing directory. The website features all the top automotive service / parts and stores in Australia.

We are a group of Automotive enthusiasts writing about the latest in the Australian automotive industry and reviewing the best Automotive dealers and service providers in the country!


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We have classified and organised the Auto business directory into different sections for your benefit. Please find the various major cities in Australia and their respective popular Automotive businesses. If you looking for mechanics, service centres, spare parts, car brand dealers, training centres, car part stores or anything related to the Auto Industry in your city, check out the below city specific sub directories and you will find what you want to!

  • Note: We strictly moderate each and every listing and if you do not qualify for our quality guidelines, your listing might not be accepted and the listing fee will be processed as a refund. Thank you for supporting us in the effort of building a quality Australia wide, well organised,  Automotive resource,

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For every automotive business you list on Motor Mega Site, you get more and more value! That means we create multiple entry points for customers to reach your business, you get automatically included in all applicable categories for your business. Also, our Auto Blog team publishes the latest news, tips and resources from the Auto Industry! Check out the latest 3 posts published on the Auto Blog and stay tuned! Also, check out latest From Our Automotive Blog.

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